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BIOTROP Training and Information Centre (BTIC) is an independent unit under SEAMEO BIOTROP was established in 1998, to carry out training and information dissemination activities of the natural resources and enviromental management covering the field of forestry, agriculture and marine and also human resource development.

At present BTIC specialized itself in carrying out training courses and tutorial on Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing, Database System, Office Automation, and Information Technology.

BTIC has also established a cooperation with the Michigan State University to become the Landsat Data Provider, a data service using web-based system especially for Landsat data, so that user can directly access from the internet,

For middle and high resolution analysis, BTIC Dataport has also cooperated with ERSDAC Japan in providing ASTER image data, CRISP Singapore (SPOT), Digital GLOBE (QUICKBIRD), and GEOEYE (IKONOS).


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BTIC Dataport

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